Mortgage AcceleratorBuilt specifically for lenders, the Intuvo Mortgage Accelerator generates more loans through lead generation, data mining, streamlined communications and higher loan officer productivity

Boost in purchase close
rates within 6 months
Decrease in weekly loan
officer workload through
automation and targeting
Increase in member satisfaction
surveys through automated
loan status communications

Intuvo provides you and your mortgage team with everything needed to succeed in leveraging sales and marketing automation


Synchronized directly to every major Loan Origination System (LOS) in the business


Deep analytics determine how to follow-up with each member automatically


Our complete automation engine sends rich email, direct mail and text automatically at the right time


Hundreds of pre-written emails, direct mail, call scripts, and text messages are already configured into pre-orchestrated strategies


We’ve built the best Mortgage CRM, period. Making your loan officers more efficient, organized and able to close more loans

Loan Status Updates

Fully automated loan status updates keep members, REALTORS®, and key parties up-to-date at all times. Sent via responsive HTML, text or a mobile notification, Intuvo uses the data in your Loan Origination System (LOS) to improve loan officer productivity and keep members engaged throughout the process.

  • Save 6-hours Per Loan
    By automating routine communication
  • Increase Member Satisfaction
    By clearly outlining where they are at in the process and the next steps in their transaction
  • Mobile Friendly
    All messages utilize responsive HTML to fit perfectly on your member’s mobile device

Boost Close Ratios 100% With Automated Follow-up For In-progress Loans

Intuvo converts TBD or pre-qualified prospects into closed loans and can increase your pull-through rate by 20%-70%, by educating, motivating, and connecting with your members. Intuvo integrates professional campaigns geared to your member that helps keep them on track and offers resources to move them to the next step.

  • Immediate follow-up from the start whether at the branch or online
  • Build loyalty by keeping members educated
  • Automated long-term follow-up (for years if needed) including loans that have previously closed
  • Intelligent tracking – to adjust the marketing message as locks expire

Campaigns are automated and allow your team to address specific relevant themes, provide value, and enhance relationships with members. Intuvo keeps each member moving forward in the loan process, regardless of how busy the team is.

Grow Purchase Business With REALTOR® Management

In today’s purchase market, building relationships with REALTORS® are proving to be a key factor for success. Intuvo starts off by notifying you of new REALTORS® and automatically sending a campaign to introduce your financial institution.

It then helps you build upon your REALTOR® relationships by keeping REALTORS® up-to-date with automatic loan status updates while also notifying you of REALTORS® who you have been out-of-touch with and places them in a campaign to revive your relationship.

Loan Officer Dashboards to Keep Them Focused

Loan officer dashboards give loan officers the ability to gain deeper insight into their business by providing a high-level overview of the performance of each campaign, while also assisting in the management of tasks by displaying outstanding items.

Dashboards are specific to the loan officer and grants them the tools they need to maximize success.

Email, Text Messaging, Print – We Have It All 

Communicating your message several times through different media channels can improve your effectiveness by up to 30%. Intuvo’s marketing automation engine delivers your message through event-based triggers through the following channels:

  • Print
    Our variable data print services personalizes, prints and mails for you with no need for a third party vendor
  • Email
    Our white-listed email service automatically delivers emails, tracks open and click-through rates, is optimized for mobile devices, and provides unsubscribe management by syncing with your systems such as your CORE and other marketing platforms
  • Letters
    Letters are printed automatically and sent through our CRM platform 
  • Tasks
    Call scripts can be pushed to your loan officers’ Outlook, mobile device, or accessed through our CRM platform
  • Mobile Alerts
    Can be sent in real-time through our consumer-facing 
    mobile app

Automatic Loan Origination System (LOS) Integration

Intuvo’s PureData Sync engine enables the integration with over 90% of the loan origination systems (LOS) in use. More than just a simple data transfer, the PureData Sync engine:

  • Integrates directly with your loan origination system (LOS), such as Mortgage Cadence, Calyx Point, Encompass, LPS Empower, Byte and many more 
  • Provides hourly synchronization for the most up-to-date member profile
  • Uses a 7-step process to automatically scrub, organize, de-duplicate, and build a comprehensive profile from multiple data sources (including multiple unrelated loans in the LOS, service data, and postal address update data) for a 360-degree view of all activity.
  • Universal sync tools – SQL, XML, flat files

Intuvo’s patent-pending Pure Data Sync engine is one of the most comprehensive data warehouses in the lending industry

Enhanced FeaturesTake your communication with members to the next level

Pre-built Campaigns and Content

Combining years of expertise amongst the top ranking marketers at financial institutions across the nation, Intuvo provides over 400 pre-built, expertly-crafted campaigns that are already organized to save you time and staff resources. Intuvo’s pre-built materials are ready-to-use as is or can be completely customized with the added functionality to upload full graphics, use of custom HTML, customizing text content, and more


Campaigns are determined by real-time member activity and include:


  • Pre-approval pull-through campaigns
  • Loan status update campaigns
  • Incomplete application follow-up campaigns
  • Intelligent upsell campaigns
  • Cross-sell campaigns

Campaign and Content Editor

  • Enterprise grade trigger marketing engine
  • Timeline, date based and activity based triggers
  • Easily customizable, awesome UI
  • Create as many campaigns as needed
  • Leverage all LOS & CRM data for triggers
  • Full print editor in-app, ability to upload your own designs
  • Rich HTML email editor supports responsive design, merging of all data fields in the system and complex custom scripting
  • WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) easy enough for non-technical users, full capability for marketing staff
  • Customized to match your credit union’s voice and brand

Enterprise Grade and Customizable Client Relationship Managment (CRM)

Intuvo incorporates enterprise-grade client relationship management (CRM) that mirrors your credit union’s Core and Loan Origination System (LOS) data. The CRM keeps track of your member’s history including sent emails and past conversations.  The CRM also allows the ability for loan officer involvement while still maintaining full marketing control with loan officer tasks tied to various triggers

Loan Origination System (LOS) and Core System Integrations

Intuvo’s PureData Sync engine enables the integration with over 90% of the loan origination systems (LOS) in use. More than just a simple data transfer, the PureData Sync engine:


  • Integrates directly with your loan origination system (LOS), such as Mortgage Cadence, Calyx Point, Encompass, LPS Emplower, Byte and many more 
  • Provides hourly synchronization for the most up-to-date profile
  • Uses a 7-step process to automatically scrubs, organize, deduplicate, and build a comprehensive member profile from multiple data sources (including multiple unrelated loans in the LOS, servicing data, and postal address update data) for a 360-degree view of all borrower activity.
  • Universal sync tools – SQL, XML, flat files


Intuvo’s patent pending Pure Data Sync engine is one of the most comprehensive data warehouse in the lending industry

Comprehensive Reporting

  • Over 50 pre-built reports to be used across multiple department
  • Adhoc filtering capabilities – easy enough for loan officers, powerful enough for marketing
  • One-click export of data to excel
  • One-click email blast to a segment of your data

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