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Automatic Borrower Follow-up

By connecting to your Loan Origination System, Intuvo’s Intelligent Sales Engine automatically develops a sales strategy for each borrower. Intuvo was built, specifically for lenders.  Everything you need to succeed is built into the platform, including detailed analytics, expertly crafted follow-up campaigns consisting of hundreds of beautiful emails and print pieces and tasks for your loan officers all personalized to your brand.

Our campaigns focus on the three key areas of your mortgage lending business including:


  • Pre-Approved TBD Borrowers
  • First time home-buyers
  • Branch Leads
  • Web Leads

existingCurrent Clients

  • Refinance opportunities
  • Credit Improvements
  • Post Purchase follow-up


  • Realtors
  • Cross- Sell Opportunities

Multi-Channel Marketing

Communicating your message several times through different media can improve your effectiveness by up to 30%. Intuvo’s marketing automation engine delivers your message automatically through the following channels:


Our Variable Data Print service personalizes, prints and mails for you. No need for a separate vendor


Our white-listed email service delivers, tracks and mobile optimizes your email communications


Printed automatically through our CRM platform

mobile-alertMobile Alerts

Can be sent in real time through our consumer facing mobile app


Call scripts can be pushed to your loan officers Outlook, Mobile Device or accessed through our CRM platform

Automated Loan Status Updates

Intuvo automatically keeps your borrowers, real estate agents and any other chosen parties up-to-date throughout your loan transaction through beautifully crafted email loan status updates. Intuvo’s real-time notifications module includes 18 pre-written and coded triggers for the most popular loan origination systems. Triggers can be added, removed or customized at any time by your team.

auto-emailSave 6-hours Per Loan

By automating routine communication

numberedIncrease Borrower Satisfaction

By clearly outlining where they are at in the process and the next steps in their transaction

mobile-eMobile Friendly

All messages utilize responsive html to fit perfectly on your borrower’s mobile device

Improve Pull Through

The average pull through of purchase loans is 35%. The average lender loses hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue due to lack of pull through due to lack of follow-up. Intuvo increases pull through 3–10% and can also increase the percentage of closed pre-approved mortgage loans for other financial institutions utilizing our proven TBD follow-up process:

1-dayImmediate Follow-up
from Day-1

Whether at the branch or online

educatedBorrowers are Educated

Throughout the loan process building loyalty

automatedAutomated Long-Term

Up to 18-months as needed

user-trackingIntelligent Tracking

To adjust the marketing message as locks expire, members make contact or go cold

Beautiful Pre-Written Content

Most Intuvo customers fully implement our system within 30 days. To achieve this goal, Intuvo includes over 400+ pre-written emails, letters, phone call scripts and direct mail pieces organized into expertly crafted campaigns based on your Loan Data. Our materials are used by leading financial instutions.

Intuvo’s pre-built materials can be used as is or completely customized including uploading full graphics, custom HTML or adjusting the text content. Of course, your marketing team can upload new materials at any time.

out-of-boxReady to Send Materials

Emails , Letters, Phone Call Scripts and direct mail pieces

editableEye Catching

Beautiful content easily customized

make-your-ownEasy to Implement

Create your own or rapidly deploy leveraging our 8 years of experience

Intelligent Data Sync

Intuvo’s PureData sync engine enables our fully automated follow-up engine. More than just a simple data transfer, the PureData engine automatically scrubs, organizes, de-duplicates and builds a comprehensive borrower profile from multiple data sources including multiple unrelated loans in the LOS, servicing data and postal address update data. Intuvo’s patent pending PureData engine is the most comprehensive data warehouse in the lending industry.

integrateEasy Integration

Mortgage Cadence, Calyx Point, Encompass, LPS Empower, Byte and many more

apiAPI Connectors

XML, Flat Files

dupsAutomatic Deduplication

Utilizing over a dozen data points — we kill dups

360360 Borrower View

All borrower interactions are compiled into one complete history for the most accurate marketing in the industry

updateData Updated Automatically

Addresses updates from the postal service, emails scrubbed, problems solved.

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